New to fleshlight toys ? Learn what it is

Women have been fortunate for a long time to know the benefits of sex toys and have numerous adult companies focusing on products for stimulating them. The results from several studies investigating the benefits of men sex toys have signified the need for the sex toy products to address the men’s needs too. Men who make use of sex toys are more likely to experience better erections, intercourse satisfaction, sexual desire and orgasmic function. They also score high on participating sexual health behaviors like testicular examinations. This article explains what a Fleshlight is and how it makes life better for men by addressing those needs.

Investing into the Fleshlight sex toy

The Fleshlight is the world’s bestselling sexy toy designed to provide immense pleasure and an amazing experience to men. The idea to create the Fleshlight started about 20 years ago with Brian Shubin. When he was 17-years old, his stepmother discovered the good news that she was pregnant with twins. However, her doctor also told her that the pregnancy had a high-risk of miscarriage and warned her to avoid penetrative sex until she delivers the twins. This was the bad news for Shubin’s father Steve Shubin that he had to go without any sex for nine months.

He tried to look around for any alternative form of stimulation that would resemble a realistic vagina, but he could not find anywhere. He began to think of a plan to make his own so that he could use it to pleasure himself. Thanks to his pretty open family such that they would sit around the table and stats drawing plans about how they thought it should look like. The idea was to create a vagina and makes it feel and look realistic. They also intended to design the product disguised and make it discreet.

However, this was only a start for the concept that led to today’s Fleshlight sex toy. He initially thought of using realistic body figure with orifices that men could use for solo sex. The project took 18 months to arrive at the finished product and ended up costing $750, 000 due to the many experimenting need, including going to night clubs to take the molds of some stripper’s pussies.

The success of Fleshlight’s products

Shubin’s idea to come up with the Flashlight was motivated by recognizing that people like complete discretion during masturbation. The real secret for the Fleshlight success was its vaginal model as well as being a high-quality product that provides the best vagina stimulation. Besides, ugly and poorly made products that delivered destitute pressure dominated the market when Fleshlight was first hitting the market.

More versions of the Fleshlight

After launching the product, they created another design called the Sex in a Can that looks like a can of beer of penis size, but it was not very popular. Since then, Fleshlight has created products that have turned gold by sparking customers’ imaginations. Besides the vagina sex masturbators, the company has even diversified its product range to produce oral and anal sex masturbators and realistic masturbators for gays. They have dozens of different options available, ranging from different textures to different sizes. You can finally choose stimulating options to suit your length or girth. Furthermore, they have made the inner-sleeves from various types of skin to come up with different styles and colors. Some of the most popular Fleshlight products include the Fleshlight’s ICE, Stamina training unit(fleshlight stu review – read here), V-Stroker, Sleeves and the Original, among many others. If you have a headache trying to make a choice this website can help you to determine the best fleshlight for your needs.

Benefits of the Fleshlight

More and more men recognize the need of sex toys for their sexual health. Fleshlights are improved in terms of their shape, design, and quality to provide you sexual pleasure. Although it’s hard to replace the real thing, they are made using sophisticated technology that makes them feel almost real. Cleaning them is also super easy as they just need a quick rinse using warm water.

Besides, these toys can help guys rip the benefits of masturbation. These include reducing the risk of suffering from prostate cancer, contracting sexual infections and diseases like gonorrhea and HIV, and stress and tension. It can also help in improving sexual satisfaction and self-awareness, enabling them to seek medical advice when something is not right. Moreover, there men who can only reach orgasm through masturbation following a medication, surgical intervention or physical disability, making sex toys a perfect choice for them.