Volunteering for BICA


If you are interested in volunteering with BICA, send us an email explaining the reasons for your interest, your qualifications, any previous experiences, and expectations, as well as the intended duration of your stay. Our email address is: We will reply to your message as soon as possible.

Why volunteer with BICA?

Utila is wonderful place for an enthusiastic, young (or young at heart) person to spend a working vacation, help, learn, enjoy, and meet some interesting people. The environment in need of protection is fragile, very diverse, people here are warm and intriguing, and the work is rewarding and varied. The range of activities BICA is engaged in offers opportunities for people of different interests and skills. You would be working with BICA’s regular staff, but your independence, ideas, and enthusiasm would be greatly appreciated. Volunteers frequently have personal projects that they work on here in addition to helping out in other ways.

What kind of skills do you need to be a volunteer

You need to have an interest in nature, enjoy working with people, and be very flexible. Of course, if you are studying, or have a degree, in environment, biology or ecotourism, we would very much welcome your help.


BICA volunteers’ programs last between one month and three months (it is difficult to extend visitors’ visa in Honduras). There is no schedule of volunteer’s intake as each volunteer will have individual responsibilities.


Behind the BICA building is a dormitory for volunteers. It is fully equipped with a kitchen, comfortable beds, and bathrooms. Volunteers agree that it is one of the nicest places to stay on the Island. Each room houses from 1 to 3 volunteers, and four rooms have integral bathrooms while the other two rooms share one among themselves. There is fully equipped kitchen in each dorm area, as well as free wireless internet connection.


The total cost for one month is $350. It includes accommodation, electricity, internet, purified water (both for drinking and for bathing). Volunteers are provided with one set of laundered bed linens and a towel per week. Diving courses are not included, but can be arranged locally and prices start from around $250, with BICA volunteers usually getting a small discount. A list of dive shops sites can be viewed on our links page. There is also Spanish Language school in town and 20-hours’ intensive course costs $100. Volunteers should plan to spend around $300 a month for food and entertainment (assumes some cooking and some eating out, but actual costs depends largely on the volunteer).

Health insurance should be arranged before leaving the country.

Life in Utila

Two detailed sources of information on Utila are available from Utila Guide and AboutUtila. For any additional details, contact BICA office.