Visitors' Center

The BICA Visitors Center

In 2009, the BICA building was completely renovated. It is now one of the nicest buildings on the Island. The ground floor is divided into an exhibition hall, a small library, and a meeting room, while the second floor is divided into BICA offices. In 2010, a stand-alone dormitory building was constructed behind the Visitor's Center which hosts volunteers and visiting scientists. The structure has the best accommodations Utila has to offer.

The Visitors Center renovations were funded by the Project for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, and is used as a source for information on Utila’s environment. Since its original opening in 2003 and in the renovated building as well, the Center has hosted numerous exhibitions, workshops and conferences, and has been a movie theater for Utila school children who learned about their environment by watching environmental videos. The Visitors Center has also been used as a community meeting center on several occasions. Its permanent exhibition provides pictures and descriptions of Utila’s diverse ecosystems, including reefs, mangroves, forests, beaches, grasses and iron shore.