BICA Membership

BICA Relies on Support from its Members!

Members support the work BICA does financially and contribute to the direction of our Programs. Our annual membership levels have been revised for 2012, and we have added a Reward "Thank You" to each level.

Throughout the month of December 2011, we will be running our 2012 Membership Campaign.

If you are on Utila, you may stop-by the office or see one of our staff or Board of Directors for a membership form. If you are off-island, you can still show your support by contacting us for information about becoming a member.

We are also asking if you are able to pledge a Matching Challenge to please come to the office or contact us so that we can promote the challenge and seek matching memberships. A Matching Challenge can be for any amount and for any combination of membership levels.

We will be publicly acknowledging our Members on this page and on our Facebook page; unless requested to keep the information anonymous.

Our goal for 2012 is 120,000 lempiras / $6,000USD.

Please Join Now and help support conservation activities in Utila!

Membership Category Donation/Duration Rewards
Business Member Lps 1,600/1 year Certificate, reef bracelets (2), 10% off merchandise and events
BICA Booster (5 year plan) Lps 1,000 /each year Certificate, reef bracelet, BICA bag, 15% off merchandise and events
Family Membership Lps 800.00/1 year Membership card, reef bracelets (2), stickers (children), 10% off merchandise and events
BICA Buddy (3 year plan) Lps 600 /each year Membership card, reef bracelet, BICA bag, 10% off merchandise and events
Sustaining member Lps 400.00/1 year Membership card, reef bracelet, 10% off merchandise and events
Active member Lps 200.00/1 year Membership card, BICA bag, 5% off merchandise and events
BICA Amigo (1-time donation) Fill In Amount: ________________