AGGRA Monitoring

During December 2011, BICA will be working with Utila Center for Marine Ecology (UCME) and the Healthy Reefs Initiative (HRI) to assess the condition of our reefs.

HRI are the ones that publish the Reef Report Card every two years. The Reef Report Card provides information about the state of the coral reefs in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System (the second largest such system in the world), and includes information about threats, successes and possible solutions.

Utila contributed to the data for the 2008 Report Card, but was not featured in the 2010 one due to some differences in methodology. Due to lack of funds and bad weather in October, we almost missed our chance to be represented in the 2012 document!

Through the efforts of a large group of people, and donations of time and money, we will hopefully accomplish the necessary studies this month.

If you support these types of activities, please consider renewing your BICA membership or making a donation by stopping by the office or contacting us at

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