Marine Area Management Project

We are conducting a reef assessment in conjunction with UCME and HRI in December 2011. For more information, see AGRRA Monitoring

This project, which is in its development phase, is based on the draft Management Plan for the Turtle Harbour-Rock Harbour Marine Protected Area, produced by the Bay Islands Environmental Protection Project in 2002. As the Protected area is just one small part of the reef fringing the island, and the rest of the reef is under more pressure from tourism and development, BICA developed a Management Plan for the entire Utila marine area. Part of the project will be funded by the Utila Municipality from the Reef Fee, and in part from the Meso-American Reef Fund.

The main elements of the project are: systematic monitoring of the total area around the island through daily patrolling, survey and management of the dive sites and development of the database of all dive sites in Utila in collaboration with the dive shops, monitoring, repairing and replacement of the mooring buoys, registration of all artisanal fishermen in Utila, development of the communication materials as tools for sharing information with the local residents and visitors on the state of Utila reefs, beaches, iron shore and associated areas, participation in the formal and informal environmental education in Utila schools, and management and running of the Visitors’ Center, as a comprehensive source on the information on Utila’s environment for visitors and local alike.