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An overview of 8 top toys for men 2016

Sex toys are not just for solo sessions—research has shown that of the 30 percent of men who own sex toys, 72 percent use them with their partners. Research has also shown that the number of men who introduce sex toys to their lives has been increasing over the last five years. However, many of them often lack ideas on how to make the best choice when buying them from the market. If you are a man looking for a sex toy, or something that would make you masturbate more exciting, then you can try the following sex toys for men:

1. Stronic Zwei

Stronic Zwei is a unique sex toy for men because it is not actually a vibrator, which many people know. It is called a pulsator—that means, it often goes back and forth and not from one side to another. In the end, the toy will always mimics thrusting sex sensation. When you use it, you will always love the outcome since you will enhance your sexual pleasure whenever you need something amazing.

2. We Vibe 4 Plus

We Vibe 4 Plus is among the latest and trendy sex toys for men called “teledildonics”—that means they are electronic sex toys, which can be controlled easily by phone. When you use it, you will always get the best outcome especially when looking for extreme pleasure. This We Vibe 4 Plus also comes with an app, which can be used easily when controlling vibrator from one room to another. One can also use it for serious foreplay, or even long-distance relationships. It works perfectly since you can use it alone or even as a couple if you need that extra pleasure.

3. Cobra Libre II

We know that it resembles a vacuum cleaner, which makes it different when you need something that looks excellent. It is designed to fit your penis well, vibrates in an adjustable pattern, and can speed depending on your settings. It is perfect for those men who want extra stimulation of their penis glands that is often ignored. Most men often use it as an excellent masturbatory tool, or with a partner when having non-penetrative sex for a complete new hand job kind. When you use it, you will have amazing sex especially when you need something excellent.

4. Ceres Glass Dildo

Ceres Glass Dildo is a male sex toy envisioned for rectal use. This feature has made it has an excellent level of quality especially when you need something unique. Every Ceres has a unique appearance, but in most cases similar in shape and size. You will always be sure that you would get something that would enhance your sexual experience.

The other common benefit of using a glass dildo as opposed to a silicon rubber is that option for a temperature play. If you need a warming sensation, you will always get the coolest sensation if you need to enjoy sexual pleasure.

5. Fun Wand

Fun Wand is similar to the common glass dildo; this stainless-steel Fun Wand sex toy is always perfect for a temperature play. You can use anally or vaginally (not in that order), at the same time easy to clean after using. They are durable since they are made from high quality materials especially when you need a perfect product.

6. Vesper

Vesper is another perfect sex toy for men that works well for those people who need the perfect sexual experience. Although it is small and thin, this Vesper is among the most powerful vibrators that are available when you need extreme pleasure.

7. Duet

Duet is a small but powerful sex toy for men specifically designed for clitoral and nipple stimulation. It is also subtle, with unlimited noise from its vibrations—that is perfect for you if you want extreme pleasure. It is easy to use when compared to other sex toys for men.

8. Fleshlight

Fleshlight toy is the last in our list but by no means last on the whole adult market. Actually, it is number 1 best seller in the world at it is not even close. Many models are being introduced every year and the latest edition – Vstroker made things ever more spicy as it enables you an interactive masturbation possibilities. Find out more and read an analysis at this magazine: mens toys hub – vstroker review

In conclusion, the above are the eight top sex toys for men 2016 that you can buy especially when you need something that would enable you improve your sexual experience.

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